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Dehoff's 50th anniversary

Proudly Celebrating 50 years!


October marks our 50th year in business since our founder, my dad Jack Dehoff,  took over the store at the corner of Roosevelt and Upton.  He’d worked in the grocery business for years,  since graduating from Sequoia High School in 1955.  When the corner store, Key Market as it was called back then, was up for sale he made a run at it.  Little did he know back then it would start a 50 year long legacy that we now call Dehoff’s Market!  Things looked a lot different back in 1972.  Our store didn’t have a kitchen, or a service meat counter, organic groceries, artisan cheeses, craft beers, or many other additions we've made over the years.  We’ve come a long way since 1972 and we’re very proud of the store we’ve built for you today.   

It’s truly been a team effort with many people involved working hard every day to bring you all the fresh, high quality, interesting food and beverages that we stock for you now.  What we’re most proud of is being an integral part of this community for the last 5 decades. There’s two things behind our success over all these years:  an incredible cast of team members, and the wonderful support we receive from the community.  You make us feel appreciated every day and without your strong support we wouldn’t have made it 50 days, let alone 50 years.  


Our commitment to you is to continue to provide fresh, high quality groceries and our own brand of friendly, family service for many more decades to come! 


It’s good to be 50! We may be a half century old, but we’re only getting better!




Chris Dehoff and the Dehoff family

We celebrated our big Half century milestone on Saturday 10/15 with a bang

The Woodside High jazz band entertained the neighborhood

Clo the Clover cow handed out smoothies and treats

We were joined by some of our great local vendors including Clover, Beckman’s pies, Jeremiah’s Pick coffee, 
Marianne’s ice cream, and others.

Free grocery bags, gift certificates and a 50” LED Smart TV were given away as part of the celebration.

Here’s a couple shots of the fun we had celebrating or 50th

Chris Dehoff
Cebration pic
Celebration pic
Celebration pic
Celebration pic
Celebration pic
Celebration pic
celebration pic
celebration pic
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