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Senior Discount - Seniors 62 and older can receive 5% off their purchase (excluding alcohol, tobacco, sushi, propane and fluid milk) every Tuesday.

Sponsorships - We are proud to say that over the years we have sponsored countless numbers of teams and events and fundraisers for non-profit groups right in our neighborhood. If you would like to request sponsorship assistance, please submit your request in writing instead of calling the store. Also, please keep in mind that we have a limited sponsorship budget and requests should be made with plenty of advanced notice. Please include a copy of the IRS Non-Profit letter with your request.


Green Efforts - Do you know that Dehoff's Key Markets has been "going green" for years? Some of our efforts include recycling like crazy (we recycle literally TONS of cardboard and plastic every year). In fact, we've been doing it from the very start. We also recycle all biodegradable compost materials including produce, food scraps, fat, bones, etc...) We've installed energy-efficient lighting in our stores including electronic ballasts and slimmer bulbs. We utilize all PG&E rebates programs which not only saves money.  We've installed computerized compressor racks to run our refrigeration systems more efficiently. We operate our furnaces on electronic timers. We've installed a heat reclaim system to circulate the excess hot air from our refrigeration machines throughout the store. We've replaced our roofs with thermoplastic reflective roofing material (keeps the store cooler in the summer months). We've installed energy-saving night curtains on all of our coolers and walk-in refrigeration boxes (reduces heating and cooling expense!) We sell reusable shopping bags (made of recycled materials). We print our weekly ad on recycled paper and have made it 22% smaller than conventional ads (to save our precious forests).

In general, we reduce our carbon footprint whenever we can because it just makes good sense for you, for us and for Mother Earth.


Did You Know? - Dehoff’s Key Market is the lucky place to buy your CA Lottery tickets?  In September 2014, San Mateo customer Vinh Nguyen bought a winning Powerball ticket in our store that earned him $228 million!  Not a bad return for $30 worth of tickets!


Oops, we did it again!

On March 4th, 2017 we sold one of our customers a CA Lotto ticket that won him a cool $96,413! Congratulations! Winners are made at Key!

Proud supporter of Save the Redwoods League.

Save the Redwoods League
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